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What is the RCSA International Students' Award?

This in-course award, created by students at RCSA for International RC Students in Y2-4, aims to celebrate high academic achievers who have demonstrated exceptional extracurricular activities, show a desire to create global change, and are dedicated to giving back to their school and community.

Inspiration Behind This Award:

Rotman Commerce is home to many diversely talented international students who are leaders and dedicated community advocates.

As a program union providing support and representation for students, we are committed to create the means to help leaders of our community succeed in a changing world. Launching this award is vital in further celebrating and supporting Rotman Commerce’s diverse student body.

Eligibility for the Award:

– An international fee-paying RC Student

– Studying in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year at RC with cGPA of 3.0 or higher

– Demonstrates breadth and/or depth of involvement in the international community or their local/student community.

RCSA's Long Term Vision for this Award:

By launching this award, we are able to start a movement that focuses on recognizing international students who have demonstrated outstanding merit. The fundraising goal for this initiative is $25,000 in order to exist in perpetuity as an endowed award, and create a lasting legacy as a way to honour excellent students now and far into the future. 

We truly hope that this initiative will foster a more equitable university experience overall and encourage international student leaders of our community. This award will give RC’s own accomplished alumni the opportunity to become inspiring role models to outstanding international students with the potential to become successful leaders in their workplace and community.


1: 215 international enrolled RC students from Y1-4 in 2019-20 participated in this survey.


of surveyed international RC students expressed financial difficulties. 

(e.g. difficulty meeting bill payments, paying for school tuition/other fees, etc.)

We aim to celebrate the diversity of nationalities that contribute to excellence at Rotman Commerce.

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RCSA Director of Finance

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Development Officer, Leadership & Annual Giving

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