Past RCSA Teams


Mavish Siddiqui – President

Will Fu – Vice-President

Benjamin Ma – Treasurer

Heather Wang – Director of Events

Doreen Zheng – Director of Events

Ting Chang – Director of Advocacy: Student Affairs

Jessica Lu – Director of Advocacy: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Georges Tawil – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Yang Xiang – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Mark Cheng – Director of Internal Affairs

Calen Demel – Director of Internal Affairs

Jennifer Wu – Director of Marketing

Kira Cheung – Director of External Relations

Joshua Hur – Director of External Relations

Nadine Soliman – Editor in Chief

Daphne Zhuang – Editor in Chief


Jack Chen – President

Blake Miller – Vice-President

Will Fu – Treasurer

Mavish Siddiqui – Director of Events

Erin Jia – Director of Events

Steven Guo – Director of Advocacy

Annie Niu – Director of Advocacy

Michael Luo – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Mina Feng – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Heather  Ngo – Director of Internal Affairs

Athena Buenaventura – Director of Internal Affairs

Andrea Stanley – Director of Marketing

Benjamin Ma – Director of External Relations

Avani Singh – Editor in Chief

Jennifer Wu – Editor in Chief


Druv Patel – President

Jack Chen – Vice-President

Victoria Toncic – Treasurer

Jester Yang – Director of Events

Michelle Li – Director of Events

Blake Miller – Director of Advocacy

Catherine Zhang – Director of Advocacy

William Fu – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Isabella Kock – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Paige Morin – Director of Marketing

Krystyna Niemiec – Director of External Relations

Rachel Futerman – Director of Internal Affairs


Petros Bleyan – President

Arshiya Sehgal– Vice-President

Victoria Toncic – Treasurer

Isabel Kwok – Director of Events

Elaine Lin – Director of Events

Dhruv Patel – Director of Advocacy

Jack Chen – Director of Advocacy

Maria Ivanova – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Victor Law – Director of International Students’ Liaison

Paige Morin – Director of Marketing

Amey Curchorcar – Director of External Relations


President – Karee Chen

Vice-President – Farheen Parack

Treasurer – Amna Nisar

Development Coordinator – Maggie Zhang

Development Coordinator – Brandon Lai

Advocacy Coordinator – Varun Fotedar

Advocacy Coordinator – Arshiya Sehgal

International Student Coordinator – Karina Semochkina

External Relations Coordinator – Jessyca Liu

Director of Marketing – Petros Bleyan


Kelly Zheng – President

Fatema Khan – Vice-President

Seth Li – Treasurer

Farheen Parack – Development Coordinator

David Mao – Development Coordinator

Karee Chen – Advocacy Coordinator

Crystal Lou – Advocacy Coordinator

Emily Wang – International Student Coordinator

Dancy Zhu – External Relations Coordinator

Petros Bleyan – Director of Marketing


President – Stephen Zhao

Vice-President – Justin Li

Treasurer – Amy Qian

Development Coordinator – Kelly Zheng

Development Coordinator – Max Lai

Advocacy Coordinator – Fatema Khan

International Student Coordinator – Angela Xie

International Student Coordinator – John Huh

External Relations Coordinator – Aaron Xu

Director of Marketing – Ashlyn Zhao


Maraz Rahman – President

Jay Tran – Vice-President Academics

Lizzie Oh – Vice-President Community

Angelina Fu – Vice-President External

Stephen Zhao – Vice-President Marketing

Matthew Tang – Director of Finance

Audrey Wu – Director of Human Resources