RCSA Elections 2024

Election Dates: 12:00am January 17th 2024 – 11:59pm January 18th 2024

Check your UofT email during the election dates for your voting link, or cast your vote on the RC Portal.

Want to see the candidates running in the RCSA election present their platforms? Looking to see what RCSA has been up to and what changes are being made?

Our Annual General Meeting is on January 16th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm EST @ Galbraith Building (GB 304). The Annual General Meeting is the yearly elections platform for Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates to present their vision and goals for RCSA through speeches. We will also be providing information about Director and Committee Hiring during the meeting.

Join us to see what your vote will look like in this year’s RCSA elections and what we have in store!

Presidential Candidates

Luca Dipietro (He/Him)

Presidential Candidate

Hey everyone! My name is Luca DiPietro (he/him) and I am a third year RC student specializing in Accounting. I currently serve as the Vice-President of RCSA, and am thrilled to be running to be your President of RCSA.


There are several goals that I wish to tackle if elected as President of the Rotman Commerce Students’ Association; I believe that the following (3) goals deeply align with the overarching mission and vision of the RCSA:


1.      Increased Collaboration with other RC Clubs: An important component of the RCSA’s overarching mandate is to liaise with other RC groups in order to serve the best interests of Rotman Commerce Students. Throughout my time as Director of External Relations at the RCSA, I have observed that the RCSA lacks in its collaborative efforts with other RC groups. In order to best serve the interests of students, we must work together to create increasingly beneficial and welcoming events and involvement opportunities for students. We will best serve the interests of all students by working together and communicating regularly among all student groups.

2.      Brand and Connecting with the Student Body: RCSA acts as a support system and advocate for the entire student body of Rotman Commerce. A primary way in which we interact and communicate with fellow students is through our website and social media pages. As the voice and support system for all students, it is important that our communications platforms spotlight our guiding values, and remain relatable, personable, warm, approachable and recognizable. It is vital that we display to students the great initiatives and achievements our team puts forth in a timely fashion. As President, I will ensure our communications and brand strategy emphasizes these principles, and is an amiable, interactive and approachable platform for students to engage with, and gain familiarity with RCSA.

3.      Internal Development and Collaboration: One of the greatest strengths of the Rotman Commerce community is the fact that it is comprised of such great diversity. As a result, RCSA has the unique privilege to represent each distinctive group as one, unified RCSA. It is essential that we continue to increase multi-committee collaborations, and aspire to replicate the family-like dynamic that sets RCSA apart. If elected as President, some ways we can achieve this internal growth, and increase group cohesiveness are by taking part in increased professional development workshops, having monthly low-key drop-in socials, and attempting new social ideas to truly get to know our teammates.

Vice-Presidential Candidates

Namita Pise (She/Her)

Vice-Presidential Candidate

Hi everyone, my name is Namita Pise and I am a third year student specializing in Accounting with a Minor in Economics. I currently serve as the Co-Director of International Students’ Liaison. I’m so incredibly excited to be running for Vice-President of RCSA! 


As Vice-President, these are my 3 goals and initiatives to implement as they contribute to the growth, mission, and vision of RCSA: 


1.      Strengthen RCSA’s brand presence and image: RCSA’s Instagram and LinkedIn following boasts over 2000 followers, and I would like to continue to strengthen the club’s brand image and reach through social media. While posts and reels are incredibly useful to share content, in order for RCSA to grow further and exemplify the community and inclusivity element, it is imperative that content is more connected to the student life at Rotman Commerce. Through social media collaborations with advisors and faculty at Rotman, as well as Behind-the-scenes content, RCSA can further grow as not only a club for student voices but also to foster meaningful connections and promote a sense of belonging among our audience. Elevating our brand through platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn allows us to not only showcase our club’s achievements but also to create an inclusive space that celebrates the diversity and contributions of our members. This initiative aligns with RCSA’s commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and a sense of unity within our community. 

2.      Further collaboration and resiliency within RCSA and other student clubs: RCSA has a strong foundation of collaborating internally between committees and other student groups on various initiatives, but I would like to further this collaboration in order to plan exclusive events that are well executed to reach larger audiences. By having fewer but more targeted events, RCSA can increase audience attendance and also the quality of the events presented.Collaboration also cultivates a vibrant network, offering opportunities for knowledge exchange and skill development. By planning events and social media timelines together as an executive team can ensure quality products and further audience involvement. Together, we can create a more dynamic and inclusive RCSA, where collective efforts drive sustained growth and success. 

3.      Continue to foster the theme of ‘For the students, by the students’: In order to build upon RCSA’s brand and increase attendance, it is imperative to listen to the student voices. Whether through social media or official platforms, I would like to bring forth a more robust plan for events and town hall which is focused on what the students actually want. This could be in the form of a survey or through classes in order to target and implement the needs of the students first and foremost.