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Rotman Commerce Portal

The Rotman Portal is a platform that supports students professional endeavours with an abundant amount of job postings and volunteer opportunities. It also provides academic and wellness counseling through various workshops and coaching offered by the Career Centre. It is also the primary method for all student groups to offer countless extra-curricular leadership opportunities. Log in with your Student Number to discover more!

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Economics Study Centre

Visit the economics study centre for drop-in hours! Peer mentors are available to help students with the following courses; ECO 100Y1, ECO 105Y1, ECO 200Y1, ECO 206Y1, ECO 202Y1, ECO 209Y1, ECO 208Y1, ECO 220Y1, ECO 227Y1.

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ASSU Past Test Library

The ASSU, located in Sidney Smith Hall, has an exam reserve open for all students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science where they can go and photograph or photocopy past tests. These include exams and midterms donated from students. The list of courses available is located on their website.

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Rotman Commerce Academic Services

Academic advisors who can help guide you through your academics and job recruitment. Whether you are having trouble with course selection, picking a specialist, or just a general inquiry, they are there to help. They host workshops for resume, cover letter, and interview prep workshops for those who need them. The advisors are also available to meet with students one on one for more specific job-related questions.

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UofT Academic Success Centre

Every feel like you’re lacking the right skills for studying? Or feel the need for a mentor? Check out the UofT Academic Success Centre. Here you will find a plethora of resources to help increase your academic performance. The UofT Academic success centre provides office hours with learning strategist, workshops on a variety of topics, and a number of support programs.

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Getting Involved

Click on the link below to navigate through some of the Rotman Commerce guides on how to use the RC Portal, Career Tips and Tricks, Managing in Diverse Economies, Career Corner, RC Houses, Study Tips, and Student Groups!

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